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1. ALL Generators & Parts Ship for FREE Within the 48 Continental U.S. States! - FREE
Tracking Numbers - Shipping Insurance & Signature Confirmation.
2. ALL Generators are Inspected / Tested before shipping - A generator will not ship until we are
100% Satisfied!
3. ALL Generators come with Manufacturers Warranties.
4. All Generators are Built New to Order.
5. We are a Family Owned & Operated U.S. Business Located in the heart of Texas.
6. We answer ALL email questions within the same day.
7. We Only ship within the U.S.A.. - Customers make arrangements to ship outside the U.S..
8. We Only do business with other U.S. Businesses & Try to use U.S. Made Parts.
9. Our Solar Generator Prices are LOWER than most of our competitors.
10. Refer someone to our Website & if they purchase a generator YOU will get PAID.
11. Purchasing a Solar Generator System will qualify for a Solar Tax Credit up to 30%.
12. Financing Available - Build a Solar Generator by purchasing a part at a time.
13. Discounts available - If you purchase Multiple Solar Generator Systems.
14. Please Check out Reviews left by customers.



Ask yourself is it possible to keep life normal
in an emergency and you are left without power?

Being without power in your home or business is
the last thing most people consider and plan for
when preparing for a crisis. Whether it is a
thunderstorm or something more serious that takes
the power down, being without power can cause,
hardship and cause increased anxiety for you
and your family.

Being prepared and having your electrical power
needs covered is the first step of preparing for
whatever life throws at you.

Don't let that happen to you. Get prepared today
and check out the solar generator systems we
have available.

We have completely off Grid systems, Hybrid
systems and Portable systems available. 

Do you have a Budget?

We even have Financing Available so you can
purchase solar generator parts a part at a time!

Don’t be left in the dark again!                                 


Some Important Feedback / Testimonials From Customers that caught our Attention:

A Lifesaver!!  02/10/2014
HYBRID 5000 Watt (8) Solar Panel System

This system is truly a lifesaver! We live in Georgia. We got hit hard by snow and ice. We were
the only ones on our block that still had power. I am happy we purchased this system when we
did. I have a 1 year old daughter hooked up to a medical machine that helps with her breathing.
When the grid power went down the solar generator kept our lights on and kept the medical
machine powered and kept my daughter alive. Thank you thank you so very much Compact
SolarGenerators you all are true lifesavers! God Bless!!!

I'm only allowed to leave is 5 Stars I would leave 10 Stars if I could!  02/09/2014
HYBRID 10,000 Watt (8) Solar Panel System

All I'm allowed to leave is 5 Stars I would leave 10 Stars if I could! The quality of this
system is unbelievable and it's also very easy to setup. I was looking at paying
thousands more for a similar system and my friend referred me here to Compact Solar
Generators. I was able to get a great system and save Thousands of dollars and my
friend who referred me got paid as well for referring me to this Website. I am currently
running a 2000 Watt Refrigerator - Freezer Combo, Toaster Oven, Coffee Pot,
Microwave, 4 TV's, inside and outside lights, alarm system, PC Computer &
Laser Printer, Stereo system, small heaters, floor fans, power tools and the list goes
on! Very impressed with how well the system powers my home. Want to get a system
to power my workshop. Compact Solar Generators told me this one system could do my
work shop as well. The only problem is my work shop is 10 miles away from my home
lol.... If my shop were closer I sure would hook it up to this generator! Thanks! :)